Invited talks

  • Quantum advantage with shallow circuits
    David Gosset
  • BQP-completeness of Scattering in Scalar Quantum Field Theory
    Stephen Jordan
  • Universal Quantum Hamiltonians
    Stephen Piddock
  • Hyperbolic and Semi-Hyperbolic Surface Codes for Quantum Storage
    Barbara Terhal

Contributed talks

  • The Complexity of Simulating Local Measurements on Quantum Systems
    Sevag Gharibian and Justin Yirka
  • Entanglement and Nonlocality in Infinite 1D Systems
    Zizhu Wang, Sukhwinder Singh and Miguel Navascués
  • Device-independent randomness generation with sublinear shared quantum resources
    Cédric Bamps, Serge Massar and Stefano Pironio
  • Quantum-Secure Symmetric-Key Cryptography Based on Hidden Shifts
    Gorjan Alagic and Alexander Russell
  • Architectures for quantum simulation showing quantum supremacy
    Juan Bermejo-Vega, Dominik Hangleiter, Martin Schwarz, Robert Raussendorf and Jens Eisert
  • Gaussian states minimize the output entropy of one-mode quantum Gaussian channels
    Giacomo De Palma, Dario Trevisan and Vittorio Giovannetti
  • The third law as a single inequality
    Henrik Wilming and Rodrigo Gallego
  • Mixing properties of stochastic quantum Hamiltonians
    Emilio Onorati, Oliver Buerschaper, Martin Kliesch, Winton Brown, Albert H. Werner and Jens Eisert
  • Guaranteed recovery of quantum processes from few measurements
    Martin Kliesch, Richard Kueng, Jens Eisert and David Gross
  • Provably secure key establishment against quantum adversaries
    Alexandrs Belovs, Gilles Brassard, Peter Høyer, Marc Kaplan, Sophie Laplante and Louis Salvail
  • Simulating positive-operator-valued measures with projective measurements
    Michal Oszmaniec, Leonardo Guerini, Peter Wittek and Anotnio Acín
  • Multi-qubit Randomized Benchmarking Using Few Samples
    Jonas Helsen, Joel J. Wallman, Steven T. Flammia and Stephanie Wehner
  • Improved reversible and quantum circuits for Karatsuba-based integer multiplication
    Alex Parent, Martin Roetteler and Michele Mosca
  • Limits on the storage of quantum information in a volume of space
    Steve Flammia, Jeongwan Haah, Michael Kastoryano and Isaac Kim
  • A single entangled system is an unbounded source of nonlocal correlations and of certified random numbers
    Florian John Curchod, Markus Johansson, Remigiusz Augusiak, Matty Hoban, Peter Wittek and Antonio Acín
  • All Pure Bipartite Entangled States can be Self-Tested
    Andrea Coladangelo, Koon Tong Goh and Valerio Scarani
  • Superfast maximum likelihood reconstruction for quantum tomography
    Jiangwei Shang, Zhengyun Zhang and Hui Khoon Ng
  • A new Holant dichotomy inspired by quantum computation
    Miriam Backens
  • Approximate symmetries of Hamiltonians
    Christopher Chubb and Steve Flammia
  • Code properties from holographic geometries
    Fernando Pastawski and John Preskill
  • Entanglement renormalization, quantum error correction, and bulk causality
    Michael Kastoryano and Isaac Kim
  • Efficient unitary designs with nearly time-independent Hamiltonian dynamics
    Yoshifumi Nakata, Christoph Hirche, Masato Koashi and Andreas Winter
  • Reinforcement Learning Using Quantum Boltzmann Machines
    Anna Levit, Daniel Crawford, Jaspreet Oberoi, Pooya Ronagh and Navid Ghadermarzy
  • Multiparty Quantum Communication Complexity of Triangle Finding
    Francois Le Gall and Shogo Nakajima
  • Quantum hedging in two-round prover-verifier interactions
    Srinivasan Arunachalam, Abel Molina and Vincent Russo
  • Semi-device-independent framework based on natural physical assumptions
    Thomas Van Himbeeck, Erik Woodhead, Nicolas Cerf, Raul Garcia-Patron and Stefano Pironio
  • Extended Learning Graphs for Triangle Finding
    Titouan Carette, Frederic Magniez and Mathieu Lauriere
  • Moderate Deviation Analysis for Classical-Quantum Channels and Quantum Hypothesis Testing
    Hao-Chung Cheng and Min-Hsiu Hsieh
    Merged with
    Moderate deviation analysis for classical communication over quantum channels
    Christopher Chubb, Vincent Tan and Marco Tomamichel


  • Complementarity in Quantum Information Processing Tasks
    Jaya Chaubey, Sourav Chatterjee, Indranil Chakarbarty and Aditya Jain
  • From estimation of quantum probabilities to simulation of quantum circuits
    Hakop Pashayan and Stephen Bartlett
  • Quantum source-channel codes
    Fernando Pastawski, Jens Eisert and Henrik Wilming
  • Interpolation Methods for Binary and Multivalued Logical Quantum Gate Synthesis
    Zeno Toffano and François Dubois
  • Covert quantum communication
    Juan Miguel Arrazola and Valerio Scarani
  • Singular solutions of time-optimal quantum control: beyond the Zermelo navigation model
    Xiaoting Wang, Michele Allegra, Kurt Jacobs, Masoud Mohseni and Seth Lloyd
  • One-shot measurement compression with quantum side information using shared randomness
    Anurag Anshu, Rahul Jain and Naqueeb Warsi
  • Generating entanglement with linear optics
    Stasja Stanisic, Noah Linden, Ashley Montanaro and Peter S. Turner
  • Fidelity for quantum strategies with applications to cryptography
    Ansis Rosmanis, Jamie Sikora and Gus Gutoski
  • Ultimate precision of adaptive noise estimation
    Stefano Pirandola and Cosmo Lupo
  • Efficiently controllable graphs
    Can Gokler
  • Detecting Topological Order with Ribbon Operators
    Jacob C Bridgeman, Steven T Flammia and David Poulin
  • On the quantum information of quantum interference
    Peter Turner
  • Finite blocklength and moderate deviation analysis of hypothesis testing of correlated quantum states and application to classical-quantum channels with memory
    Cambyse Rouze and Nilanjana Datta
  • Entanglement assisted LOCC protocol implementing multi-body interaction between specially or chronologically distant systems
    Shojun Nakayama and Kae Nemoto
  • Quantum non-malleability and authentication
    Gorjan Alagic and Christian Majenz
  • The set of frustration-free Hamiltonians supporting Majorana zero edge modes
    Sania Jevtic and Ryan Barnett
  • Perfect probabilistic storing and retrieving of unitary channels
    Michal Sedlak, Alessandro Bisio and Mario Ziman
  • Exact quantum compression relative to a set of measurements
    Andreas Bluhm, Lukas Rauber and Michael M. Wolf
  • Factoring Any Semiprime with a Single Quantum Query
    Frédéric Grosshans, Thomas Lawson, Francois Morain and Benjamin Smith
  • The information cost of quantum memoryless protocols
    André Chailloux, Iordanis Kerenidis and Mathieu Lauriere
  • Bell's Inequalities for (almost) free: An Algorithm for the Recognition of Correlation Vectors
    Benoît Valiron
  • A resource theory of superposition
    Thomas Theurer, Nathan Killoran, Dario Egloff and Martin Plenio
  • Local Pauli stabilizers of symmetric hypergraph states
    David Lyons, Scott Walck, Nathaniel Gibbons, Mark Peters, Daniel Upchurch and Ezekiel Wertz
  • A Quantum-Classical Scheme towards Quantum Functional Encryption
    Aditya Ahuja
  • Security analysis of stochastic routing scheme in grid-shaped partially-trusted relay quantum key distribution network
    Xingtong Liu, Jian Wang, Chen Zhang and Yi Liu
  • LWE is easy with quantum samples
    Alex Bredariol Grilo and Iordanis Kerenidis
  • Universal MBQC with Molmer-Sorenson interactions and two measurement bases
    Aleks Kissinger and John van de Wetering
  • In situ upgrade of quantum simulators to universal computers
    Ben Dive, Alexander Pitchford, Florian Mintert and Daniel Burgarth
  • The Quantum Cut-and-Choose Technique and Quantum Two-Party Computation
    Elham Kashefi, Luka Music and Petros Wallden
  • Optimal Gaussian descriptions of many-body theories
    Christopher J. Turner, Konstantinos Meichanetzidis, Zlatko Papic and Jiannis Pachos
  • Quantum and nonsignalling graph isomorphisms
    Laura Mancinska, David Roberson, Robert Samal, Simone Severini and Antonios Varvitsiotis
  • Composably secure time-frequency quantum key distribution
    Nathan Walk, Jonathan Barrett and Joshua Nunn
  • Direct approach to Gaussian measurement based quantum computation
    Giulia Ferrini, Jonathan Roslund, Francesco Arzani, Claude Fabre and Nicolas Treps
  • Dynamical Memory Effects in Correlated Quantum Channels
    Carole Addis, Goktug Karpat, Chiara Macchiavello and Sabrina Maniscalco
  • Wigner-Araki-Yanase theorem beyond conservation laws
    Mikko Tukiainen
  • Quantum Circuits for Quantum Channels
    Raban Iten, Roger Colbeck and Matthias Christandl
  • All measurements in a probabilistic theory are compatible if and only if the state space is a simplex
    Martin Martin Plávala
  • Spontaneous moralization problem in quantum stochastic walk
    Krzysztof Domino, Adam Glos and Mateusz Ostaszewski
  • Faithful conversion of multilevel nonclassicality into multipartite entanglement
    Bartosz Regula, Marco Cianciaruso, Thomas Bromley, Marco Piani and Gerardo Adesso
  • Quantum state isomorphism
    Joshua Lockhart
  • Fidelity of dynamical maps
    Mikko Tukiainen, Henri Lyyra, Gniewomir Sarbicki and Sabrina Maniscalco
  • Adaptive passive Gaussian interactions and single-mode measurements do not increase the capacity of coherent-state decoders
    Matteo Rosati, Andrea Mari and Vittorio Giovannetti
  • Measurement based 2-qubit approximate t-designs via brickwork state quantum computation
    Rawad Mezher and Damian Markham
  • A quantum linear system algorithm for dense matrices
    Leonard Wossnig, Zhikuan Zhao and Anupam Prakash Prakash
  • The flat 6-state protocol
    Francois Arnault and Don Anoman
  • Realising efficient quantum codes with any entangling Clifford gate
    Joschka Roffe, David Headley, Nicholas Chancellor, Dominic Horsman and Viv Kendon
  • Graphical structures for design and verification of quantum error correction codes
    Dominic Horsman and Nicholas Chancellor
  • Channel discrimination power of bipartite quantum states
    Matteo Caiaffa and Marco Piani
  • Bravyi-Kitaev Super Fast (BKSF) simulation of fermions on a quantum computer
    Kanav Setia and James Whitfield
  • Quantum money with nearly optical error tolerance
    Juan Miguel Arrazola and Ryan Amiri
  • Minimal physical resources for the realisation of measurement-based quantum computation
    Monireh Houshmand, Mahboobeh Houshmand and Joseph F. Fitzsimons
  • Deniability in Quantum Cryptography
    Arash Atashpendar, Dimiter Ostrev, Peter Roenne and Peter Y. A. Ryan
  • Approximate reversal of quantum Gaussian dynamics
    Ludovico Lami, Siddhartha Das and Mark Wilde
  • Non-stationary and non-homogeneous asymptotic state of the magnetization of a quantum spin chain
    Alexis Omar García Rodríguez and G. G. Cabrera
  • Collective Quantum Search Algorithm
    Demosthenes Ellinas
  • Superadditivity of quantum relative entropy for general states
    Ángela Capel, Angelo Lucia and David Pérez-García
  • Analysis of Negativity and Relative Entropy of Entanglement Measures for Two Qutrit Quantum Systems
    Volkan Erol
  • Calculating Errors in Adiabatic Theorem and Adiabatic Computing
    Marcos Roberto Passos Pinto, Márcio Mendes Taddei and Ruynet Lima Matos Filho
  • Verification of quantum states
    Yuki Takeuchi and Tomoyuki Morimae
  • Quantum Teleportation of an Arbitrary N-qubit State via GHZ-like States
    Chen Zhang, Bo Zhang and Yi Liu
  • Analysis of Measurement-based Quantum Network Coding for Repeater Networks under noisy conditions
    Takaaki Matsuo, Takahiko Satoh, Shota Nagayama and Rodney Van Meter
  • Search for Quantum Advantage in Restricted Permutational Quantum Computing
    Vojtech Havlicek
  • A finite presentation of CNOT-dihedral operators
    Matthew Amy, Jianxin Chen and Neil Ross
  • Information Theoretically Secure Hypothesis Test for Temporally Unstructured Quantum Computation
    Daniel Mills, Anna Pappa, Theodoros Kapourniotis and Elham Kashefi
  • Quantum walks and their efficient physical implementation
    Jingbo Wang, Thomas Loke, Joshua Izaac, Sisi Zhou and Anuradha Mahasinghe
  • Quantum channel parameter estimation with very noisy states
    David Collins
  • Multipartite entanglement transformations with local operations
    David Sauerwein, Julio de Vicente, Cornelia Spee, Nolan Wallach, Gilad Gour and Barbara Kraus